Over thirty years ago, AspireMN member organizations developed the Student Data Reporting System (SDRS), the nation’s first outcome evaluation system for children and youth in residential treatment, outpatient and community services, and foster care. Today, AspireMN is conducting a complete system upgrade, renaming SDRS the Children’s Outcome Reporting and Evaluation (CORE) system.

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CORE continues the rich SDRS tradition of capturing demographic and outcome information, with updates that reflect the SAMSHA child wellbeing domains. Organizations participating in CORE cover the full continuum of care, including residential treatment, outpatient and community services, foster care, and related community-based services. The CORE platform is designed to be user friendly, with enhanced capacity to deliver real-time value to providers.

The goal of CORE is to provide a comprehensive understanding of service delivery across the continuum of care – for individual children, youth and families, and data in aggregate – so organizations and field leaders can use data driven approaches to make decisions about programs and services offered to children, youth and families.